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Daniel Schneider

Web Developer

Hello World

My name is Daniel Schneider and I'm currently a freelance web developer in Iowa. I graduated Des Moines Area Community College in the Spring of 2019 with an Associate of Web Development. I have three years of web development experience and love with what I do.

My Skills

Web Development

I use HTML and CSS (usually SASS) everyday. I use JavaScript for any functionality my websites need. My main server-side language is PHP duo'd with MySQL. I strive to make sure every website I work on is responsive.

I plan on writing custom themes for Drupal 8 and Wordpress. I use Git for all of my projects, which you can find here.

Web Design

My process begins by finding out what the main audience needs from a website. Afterward, I sketch up some rough wireframes on paper. For prototyping, I use Adobe Xd and Figma.

I try to push myself everyday to stand out from the competition while not sacrificing any practicality.

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My Portfolio

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Front page of DMACC Portfolio Day 2018

DMACC Portfolio Day

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My Contact Info

Drop me a line.

I'd love to hear about your next project and get you started. Feel free to contact me through email or by simply completing the form fields below.

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